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by Andreas Kritikos

In our Premium Line luxury collection, you will find special and quality furniture and objects from Europe and America, which will surely fascinate you. Between stunning modern and classic furniture, we have an original collection from around the world, of antique furniture as well as selected collective pieces ideal to give to your home a unique character with its own personality. Visit our luxury collection for more inspiration.

by Andreas Kritikos

Our Deco Club range, hosts our online store and is here to offer affordable solutions for all tastes. The uniqueness of our store takes the form of an e-shop since it is based on quality and elegance. We have chosen for you unique and selected products from all over Europe, ideal to frame any space and at the same time offer style and comfort. Visit our e-shop and renew your space by creating the atmosphere you desire.

“Design out of the box
Give life to your garden.”

“Furnishing is when
your personality takes shape.”

“Proper use of
lighting can make your day.”

“Without decoration
there is no differentiation.”

Explore our collections & Get inspired!

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