” This is where elegance meets creativity, where style and aesthetics come together, under the signature of Andreas Kritikos.

The Andreas Kritikos brand name focuses exclusively on what stands out for its quality and uniqueness.

All furniture and decorative items are selected on the basis of respecting the history of the store, which dates back to 1962.

Antiques from all over the world as well as modern creations with subversive shapes constitute a collection of high standards.

Classy ideas enhance the interior design and meticulously crafted furniture combine inspiration and luxury.

The concept of Andreas Kritikos collection is to transform design into art and daily routine at the same time.

Every selection from the shop marks the upgrading of an interior space and constitutes a statement.

Premium solutions are offered for any demand, from the prestige of classic and the multiformity of ethnic to the urban chic of New York’s lofts or the boho style of Parisian apartments.

All our ideas are designed and combined by the highly qualified consultants of the company who can make every desire come true.

The Andreas Kritikos brand name selects for you the most original pieces from local and international designers and invites you to realise your dream. “

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