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ALTAMIRA Console with iron frame in gold, black marble surfaces and shelves in levels. In a world where minimal design has conquered the preference of many, the ALTAMIRA console is the confirmation that simplicity and functionality can coexist...
ALTURA Console with metal frame in gold and glass top in bronze. Thin surfaces and straight lines create an impressive balance, while the minimal design emphasizes elegance...
AMIGA Console with iron base in black and terrazzo top..
ARTUR Console with metal base in black and acacia wood top..
298.00€ 370.00€
BARROW Console in iron with antique effect and drawer..
BLAZAR console with ceramic surface (5mm) with glass (6mm) and black metal frame with protective powder coating in black..
290.00€ 360.00€
BLOCKS Console with steel frame and top in fir wood...
290.00€ 360.00€
CADIZ Console with metal base in gold-bronze and petrified wood top..
CAPE COD Console with black metal base and natural oak wood shelves with three levels..
CHATEAUX Rustic console in natural acacia wood..
270.00€ 330.00€
Console AMBA Console AMBA
Console AMBA with steel frame in black. Round and oval shelves in mindi wood with black finishing and natural rattan. Metal detailing in bronze. This unique coexistence creates a unique piece of furniture...
Console ANNA Console ANNA
Console ANNA with stainless steel frame and shiny gold finishing, top made of marble.The fine texture of the metal creates an evocative feeling. The surface without unnecessery details declares the philosophy of simplicity...
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