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MARRIOTT Ceiling Lamp 15 Seats with frame in iron and crystalls cercumferentially...
DOZZA Floor lamp in black rattan. The light provided by the lamp come from the spaces that result after the careful placement of the strips that form its circular space...
Floor Lamp THEMIS in iron in gold and 3 globes in glass that provide plenty of light. Minimal design that gives luxury and high aesthetics to your space...
Floor Lamp WATSON made of brass and hat made of matte glass. A retro decorative point of view that can give character to your space...
Ceiling Lamp ART DECO  in black iron and triple range of crystalls. ..
BAGLIONI 6Seat Ceiling Lamp in black iron with crystalls. ..
Ceiling lamp BELMOND made of brass and clear glass globes...
COLOMBO Ceiling Lamp with frame in iron in gold and 5 ranges of glass with 14 Light Seats. ..
Floor lamp CHIC made of epoxy powder coated steel. Bulb: e27 max 40w, e27 8 - 11w en. Cable lenght: 2.30 mt. Distance between lamp and switch: 1.0 mt. ..
140.00€ 160.00€
Floor lamp DESIGN made of epoxy powder coated steel. Bulb: e27 max 60w, e27 11w en. Wire lenght: 3mt. Distance between lamp and switch: 180 cm. ..
82.00€ 90.00€
Floor lamp ILEANA made of steel. Bulb.: e27 max 25w. Wire lenght: 1.45m. Distance between lamp and switch: 1.2m...
220.00€ 250.00€
Floor Lamp LUCE made of aluminum in matte silver colour and a hat made of frosted white glass which allows the light to spread evenly in the space...
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