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Shipping methods

Your order can be sent in the following ways depending on the volume of your order.

For packages up to 10 kg:

Send via Courier (Elta Courier)

Delivery by courier is recommended for packages weighing less than 10 kg.

For destinations within Athens, land destinations (within Greece), island destinations (within Greece) and remote areas (inaccessible areas as described by ACS, therefore delivered at the ACS POST) the shipping cost starts from 4,00 € .

For packages of more than 10 kg:

Send via our company by our means (Within Athens)

The delivery by our own means is made by arrangement and concerns exclusively areas within Athens.

Recommended for bulk / bulk packages (eg furniture, mirrors, fixtures) that can not be handled by a courier company.

For example, the transport cost in this case is depending on the volume of the order, but in any case it is necessary to have a telephone consultation with the store.

Shipment to a general transport company – agency (rest of Greece)

Recommended for bulk / bulk packages (eg furniture, mirrors, fixtures) that can not be moved with a courier company to ensure safer transportation.

It is important to know that:

a) Indicatively, the transport costs start at € 4.00 and are shaped according to the volume and weight of the package as well as the final destination.Due to the complexity of large volume merchandise, transportation is calculated upon consultation with our store.

b) As a rule, transport companies deliver parcels “on a pavement” rather than within your own space.In any case, upon agreement and possibly at an additional charge with the shipping company, delivery can be made at the place you will indicate.

c) In case you prefer to receive your order from the agency, there is the possibility of having a telephone conversation with the carrier.

Pick-up from the our store (Athens)

In addition, you are given the opportunity during the ordering process to choose to receive your order from your own store free of charge. (pick-up from store).

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